Friday, 25 November 2011

Content Enablers

Content Management System
It is a web-based content management system (CMS) that allows sound, animations, wallpapers, games, and video to be delivered to users' phones either by broadcast or request from an incoming text message. The content is delivered by WAP push. The Mobile CMS generates the complete Web and WAP catalog.

  • High performance and secure content repository cum content management system which streamlines the entire process of content creation, upload, management, tracking and archiving.
  • Supports a middle moderation layer in which content can be collected from multiple content owners but before the content goes live it has to pass through an approval process. 
  • Airhub CMS automatically detects file anomalies and raises an alert if the content is corrupt. For content quality approval a moderator has to inspect the content before making it live on the system
Client Benefits
  • Multiple security and backup policies for the content store.
  • Each content is stored in concurrently updated databases in different physical machines with continuous integrity checks.
  • Web interface for content upload and moderation is completely customizable.
  • Supports online content backup and synchronization with online data storage facilities.

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