Friday, 25 November 2011

Subscription Manager
Airhub Subscriber manager automates activation of Data services of prepaid mobile subscribers with a simple USSD browser interface. Data services can be activated/ deactivated by dialing given USSD number to provided dialing number which makes subscribers ease of access to data services offered by operator instantly without waiting for a long time as traditional manual mechanism works.

Airhub Subscription manager interfaces with operator’s Network elements HLR and SMSC and provides the automation of data services activation of subscribers. Data Services activation integrates queries HLR and gets the status of user’s prepaid and postpaid. Activation is processed for prepaid customers. Activation system provides complete transaction logs at every stage of transaction. Various reports provided by activation system helps operator to review the data service usage of subscriber.

Issue Tracking Management
Airhub Issue tracker segregates the network issues of the mobile users with a simple USSD browser interface. User has to feed the complaint nature and date stamp of the issue then tracker will issue the token number of the issue and send an SMS stating the token number and mobile user can track the issue using that unique token number.

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