Monday, 5 December 2011


CRBT is expanded in Caller Ring Back Tone in telecomm industry. Dialogic has promoted the same with different name Color Ring Back Tone. CRBT is the audible ringing that is heard on the telephone line by the calling party after dialing and prior to the call being answered at the receiving end. This tone assures the calling party that a ringing signal is being sent on the called party's line, although the ring-back tone may be out of sync with the ringing signal.

In Detail: When ‘A’ calls B, if ‘B’ is available, then ‘A’ hears a ringback tone! Now CRBT replaces that ringback tone with a selectable music. So, now, a ‘A’ dials ‘B’, ‘A’ gets to hear a music, ‘B’ has selected as his CRBT Tone. ‘B’ has also option for playing a particular music according to caller ID.
User can subscribe to CRBT, immediately receive a song Caller

User Benefits
  • Different callers are played different ring back tones specially
  • CRBT can be set depending on special day 
  • Caller can able to gift a tone to friends and family
  • Subscribers can adopt the tone of someone they call if they like the tune
  • Caller can able to select the playlist that callers hear
  • Employees set corporate jingles on their CRBTs
Operator Benefits
  • Increased ARPU A hit across the entire subscriber base, CRBT increases VAS revenues and ARPUs Impressive ROI A combination of low deployment costs, fast market penetration, and high acceptance rates ensure an impressive ROI
  • Mass Availability Available for all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, without any limitations
  • Mobile Device Independent All subscriber segments can use the service, regardless of their handset model
  • Wide Availability Network independent – can be deployed on GSM, CDMA and PSTN networks
  • Efficient Marketing Following launch, CRBT uptake and usage has often grown by word-of-mouth, effectively selling itself
  • Flexible Charging Options Subscription-based charging or differential charging based on the content Improved Loyalty CRBT is a sticky service, building long-term customer loyalty

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